The Toot Yung Gallery is an uplifting meeting place bringing to light contemporary art from Thailand as well as introducing foreign artists and designers to the Bangkok art scene.
The Toot Yung Gallery also works with partner spaces here and abroad.
Even though the Toot Yung Gallery space opened recently, the director, Myrtille Tibayrenc, from France, has been active in Thailand for 5 years organizing cultural events with Alliance francaise, French Ambassy, Culture France and curating exhibitions for renowned Thai artists in established Bangkok galleries as well as in Europe.
The Toot Yung Gallery's objective is to promote a young generation of local artists to a wide public.Bringing satelite elements to the openings, live music, performances, objects inspired by artist's works, all these elements open the range and diversity of the public.The Toot Yung Gallery is accessible and opened to anyone.

The Toot Yung Gallery also engages in inviting foreign artists to join the local artscene in order to create a pluricultural space where artists, writers and musicians meet.

Tawan Wattuya

Over the past ten years Wattuya has steadily confirmed the originality of an oeuvre that is simultaneously intuitive and analytical. Tackling subjects such as politics, sexuality, identity, he achieved to hustle most taboos in Thai society. Most of the paintings in this show have never been displayed and come from Tawan Wattuya’s most secret inspirations. Exhibition curator: Myrtille Tibayrenc

Tada Hengsapkul

Tada Hengsapkul, born in 1987 in Nakhon Ratchasima, has had a camera in his hands since the age of fifteen. This very passionate young Thai photographer uses film cameras and video to capture hidden identities of his homeland, Thailand. He has recently received his Bachelor's Degree of Art of Photography from Pohchang Academy of Arts. "No Superego" is a selection of recent and older photos and videos taken over the past 5 years. Topics approached are gender, nature, and sexuality; Tada Hengsapkul's photographs often awake a sense of nostalgia. Using mostly film cameras he favors the candid and unplanned over the technically polished and precise shots.

Haritorn Akarapat